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Design for Complexity Framework

Complexity is personal because the very essence of complex challenges is that they contain unseen and unknown elements that cause us to rely on others.  That's something I became very aware of as my work in complex spaces evolved. Embracing diversity of perspectives and outlooks didn't come naturally but it became essential, the more I tried to make sense of those knotty challenges that at first seemed unsolvable. So I sought for a way to put diversity and behavior at the heart of the framework for solving complex challenges repeatedly, in any context or setting.

At the heart of this framework are some key principles - in essence: we work as a network, each person can aim to manifest their own aspirations through their work, diversity is embraced and there is value for everyone involved.

Rally collective progress. Creating and empowering a lasting movement in the service of shared goals.

Discover the true nature of the challenge. Remix, re-frame and repurpose to make sense of what's happening.

Be practically creative: Inquire, improvise and intuit to define the outcome and what we could do, should do and will do together.

"Start with Who." Bring everyone into the tent and understand their aspirations. Build shared purpose between diverse people and  viewpoints.

Design for Complexity 4.png

The framework contains four elements: making sense of the situation, then bringing people together before designing potential solutions and rallying around the collective progress. Supporting each of these elements are a host of established techniques, models and methods to choose from as our intent becomes clear and as we continue our journey exploring and iterating together.

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