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Thrive in uncertainty and
achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Ok, here's the challenge: you get thrown thorny problems that no one quite knows how to solve. And those problems seem to come faster every day.

You weren’t trained for this. And the familiar experts with off-the-shelf answers and processes weren’t trained for it either. You know that times are changing and that you and your peers need a more adaptive way of working.  

Let's talk about a new approach.

One that liberates the trapped knowledge, passion, and assets scattered throughout your organization, and enables your teams to resolve complex challenges every time; one that purposely emphasizes energizing and inspiring approaches to work. One that is powered by authentic connection.


I help leaders like you and your teams find straightforward, resolutions and hidden paths through knotty challenges associated with transformation or change. We'll do it in such a way that people thrive and the organization prospers.

Through 1:1 or Team Programs, I'll help you design a consistent, collaborative, regenerative approach that builds a unique style of problem-solving that is explicit and repeatable, without fuss.

Here's what we can do together:

Bust Through Organizational Gridlock
Supercharge Employee Engagement
Complexity with Confidence

Innovation is simply about resolving challenges!

I'll help you innovate your way beyond expectations even within tight constraints.

Harness the energy of diverse perspectives. I'll help you bust through gridlock to accelerate powerful change.

Ignite the highest employee engagement every time.

I'll help you align the aspirations of individuals and the organization to achieve flow.

We're not going "back to normal." I'll help you and your teams thrive in a world of constant change.


Sample Use Cases and Outcomes

My 'Design for Complexity' framework is agile and fully adaptable to resolve a wide range of  complex challenges.

Business Innovation


Design and delivery of a new technology market category and the products that defined it through collaborative sense-making and co-creation with customer-facing teams.

Busting Gridlock

Traffic Jam icon.png

Helping leaders unlock critical hidden resources, amplify employee engagement, and capture brand new value by building an internal value creation network. 

Managing Complexity


Helping a BU merger succeed quickly by changing the experience of collaborative engagements from ‘least worst' compromises to ‘best best’ opportunities.

Employee Engagement


Generating net new business by establishing trust and discovering shared aspirations between a corporation and its new acquisitions.

Services Innovation

Services icon.png

Fixing a broken go-to-market strategy by understanding, and then aligning the different perspectives on the nature of the challenge.

Product Innovation


Aligning multiple teams with diverse points of view to design and bring a new product to market quickly.

Field Innovation


Facilitating sense-making of a complex system for a Data Science and Design team to come together and deliver new business services.

Sales Enablement


Building value-centric selling approaches to exponentially grow cross-sell/ up-sell while delivering value for the company, the customers and the partners.

EBC icon.png

Executive Briefing Programs

Design, launch, and transformation of EBC Programs, focusing on strategic clarity around their unique value proposition, operating, and business models.



Mentoring Leaders and Individual contributors in strategy and personal development with particular effect in complex collaboration and resolving 'wicked' challenges.

Working with me

Work with me 1:1

It takes a tribe to solve messy, multi-sided problems. I'll help you identify the right people to help resolve testing challenges.

(Contact to explore )

Thought Partner, Mentor, Coach

I'll partner with you to make sense of the complex challenges you face and help you consider innovative ways to resolve them.

(Hourly & Daily)

Create a Team Program
Outcome-Based Consulting
Learning & Capacity Building

I have been on this journey. I can jump in and supplement your team, as you consider or plan to deliver live projects.

(1 week - 3 months)

I can build a custom curriculum for you, your teams or your organization to develop the skills to tackle wicked problems at scale.

(Contact to explore)

Where you'll see measurable ROI


"A challenge shared is a challenge halved."

Collaboration and value-centricity unleash individual and collective productivity.


Work that allows people to manifest their personal aspirations is generative.


See people thrive while your organization prospers.

Collaborative Innovation.png

From challenge resolution to the adoption of new ideas, tools, and techniques.

Watch your teams accelerate the generation, capture, and delivery of exponential new value.

Curious about working together?

Curious to know more? Send me a note!

Let's clarify your challenge and see if I can help.

Working with me

What people say

"Every once in a while you meet a colleague that has popped out of the rut and brings an entirely new experience to the business. John is full of vision, a risk taker, and most importantly able to out execute the strategy he creates. It has been a pleasure to work with John where together our teams have taken the predictable, to the spectacular on several occasions. This was largely because of John's talents, and our customers are better off because of his passion."

Andy Sitison, CEO (Virginia)

"John brings deep yet pragmatic knowledge of an array of innovation techniques, that when coupled with his resilient demeanor, helped our organization move from the "Least Worst" option to the "Best Best" option when wrestling with our most challenging technology and organizational decisions. There was no one on my team who taught me more about the importance of the human factor when dealing with the application of technology…no one."

Bill Schmarzo, Chief Innovation Officer, Author

"John is one of the brightest collaborative partners I've had the pleasure of working with. John rebuilt the marketing, branding, and go-to-market capacity at a technology partner of ours. He designed an innovative program to completely revamp and take the messaging and engagement into the new world of cloud and social media by using advanced analytics and other mechanisms to identify areas of growth, achieve scale, and automate old world tasks. John is truly an "out of the box" thinker. He always gets my creativity going and helps me achieve more from myself. I very much enjoy working with John and would recommend him as a disruptive innovator for any business."

Jason Monden, Product Management Leader

"An inspiring leader, an individual that has this amazing ability to connect people together when it's needed the most. John is a masterful networker simply because caring about individuals is embedded in his core. From the outpour of compassion comes a magnetic management style he uses to problem solve in a unique and innovative way. A true Catalyst to the core, in all the best ways."

Aly Gillen, Education Developer, Catalyst

Some of the organizations I've supported

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You can find me here


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Sarbjeet Podcast Cover.png


From the Catalyst Constellations Podcast Series, November 2020

"Process and Organizational Design Philosophy"

From the Sarbjeet Johal Tech Talks Podcast Series, October 2020

DT Lab Cover.png
Eddy Network.png

Features or Contributions

Catalyst Book Cover.png

"Move Fast. Break Shit. Burn Out."

Shannon Lucas & Tracey Lovejoy of Catalyst Constellations.

(c) 2020

Schmarzo Book 5 Cover.jpg

"The Economics of Data, Analytics & Digital Transformation."

Bill Schmarzo

Dean of Big (c) 2020

About me

About me

Reframe, Remix, Repurpose, Resolve, Regenerate


Since the mid-2000’s I have been repeatedly asked - as an intrapreneur, program leader or consultant - to lead or support ‘bootstrapped’ innovation projects where the goals are ambitious, the challenges are complex, and resources are extremely limited.


Projects have ranged from leadership, to strategy, product and service design, complex collaboration and organizational design in both public and private sectors, for large and small organizations alike. My work has taken me all over the world.


We achieve extraordinary results through the power of authentic connection.  In every complex challenge I'm engaged on, without fail the solutions lie in finding people who are willing to adapt, who tap into their creativity and come together to collaborate in networks, “where nobody gets to tell anyone else what to do.” The outcomes are transformative, inspiring, empowering and regenerative. 

How do we build shared purpose and trust and lead with intention?  How do we create exponential value, together?  How do we engage the people and resources we're already investing in to come up with new and fresh solutions?  How do we liberate our collective potential to achieve amazing things? How do we build a business the world actually needs?


I love resolving these challenges.  Let's chat and unleash the hidden value in your organization together.

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We work best together when we share purpose! Here are some of the key principles I strive to apply in my approach to work:


Lead with Intention -

~ Determine your Intention, methods will follow.

~ Knowledge and continuous learning are at the core of innovation.


Focus on People -

~ Manifest both individual and organizational aspirations as outcomes.

~ Seek and embrace diversity - of people and perspectives


Embrace Creativity -

~ Resource constraints do not constrain creativity or adaptive thinking.

~ We are all creative.  Let's find ours and embrace it.


Find Value for Everyone -

~ In an adaptive world full of complex change, everyone is innovating.

~ Everyone needs to derive value from the initiative.


Sense the System -

~ Everything is connected. Find the connections and explore them passionately.

~ It's easy to see systems in hindsight. Find new knowledge, new paths: be "always exploring!"

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