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The EBC-as-a-Service Design System


The EBC-as-a-Service Design System

No other part of your organization will see and engage with as many different parts of your business or market on a daily basis as the Executive Briefing Program.


Your Executive Briefing Center (EBC) will engage more customers than any other event series you host and will influence more revenue than any other program in your business. EBC teams literally personify your culture and customer experience excellence live, every day of every week.

EBCs have their own unique set of business opportunities and challenges as they operate in very dynamic circumstances. Foremost among them, is the perception of the EBC as a cost center whose strategic work and business impact is difficult to measure. We can change this and showcase the EBC as your organization's premier hub of innovation and strategic business impact. 

How do we do it? We reframe the Executive Briefing Program as a Service, and as a business in its own right - and get away from the sense that it exists simply to serve.

The 25 cards in the system are designed to help EBC leaders and teams develop strategic business clarity, focus on business impact, and streamline their operations. The system is informed by our many years of work leading and consulting with major EBC programs.

The cards cover three categories:

- Business Strategy
- Offerings
- Operations

The front side of each card highlights a topic or tool, and the reverse covers the main considerations for each theme and “useful tips.”

Here's how we can support your Executive Briefing Program

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Design System

This is a straight forward framework for designing and running your EBC as a service business. The cards feature key design elements and can be recombined to resolve any number of typical challenges.

The Design System is the foundation for all our EBC products and services.

The EBC sees more of your business than any other part. We use design and innovation techniques to build new products and businesses out of EBC programs. We'll teach you how to do the exact same.


Validate the EBC as your organization's most powerful innovation engine.

Whether building out a new EBC program or transforming an existing one, ​we have extensive experience of every facet of Executive Briefing Programs. We design them to run as viable businesses.


Learn more about the companies we've helped and how.

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The EBC as Innovation Engine
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EBC Leadership

Workplace challenges have become faster and more complex in recent years. Nobody has time and everyone wants a simple solution. EBC leaders move fast and have to think on their toes.

We get it. We're here to listen, inspire and help you and your EBC grow into your full potential.

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